Upcoming meetings for Fall 2013 Semester

There will be two more meetings in the Fall 2013 semester.

  1. Wednesday, Nov 13th, 2pm
  2. Wednesday, Nov 27th, 2pm

As always, group meets in Circle 1, Digital Media Commons, Snell Library.


Update – Next Meeting

Next meeting will be Wed Oct 30th. We meet in Circle 1 in Digital Media Commons in Snell Library.

I will bring a tent card reading “Big Data” this time in order to make it easier to spot me.

Apologies to everyone who could not find us last week.

Workshop Meeting

Hosted by the NUlab, Christoph Riedl is holding a weekly un-conference, hackathon-style workshop meeting to talk about big data, data analytics, R, and statistics. There are (usually) no presentations and no talk but plenty of application and live coding. If you are interested in big data, if you want to share you data analytics work, show a visualization, demo your super-efficient massively parallel implementation of some fancy analysis, or if you simply want to learn about what data analytics projects folks at Northeastern are working on, come and join us. The workshop meetings are – as of Oct 21 – scheduled

  • When: Wednesdays, 2-3pm    <== yes, there is a meeting on Oct 23
  • Where: Circle 1, Digital Media Commons, Snell Library (look for the “Big Data” tent card on one of the tables there)

We’ll see you there!